Wednesday, April 16, 2008


THAT’S NOT FOAM, IT’S FROSTING: We’ve certainly taken up a lot of bandwidth ridiculing Mayor Baptiste’s confusion between public relations and relating to the public He conducts his top-down “don’t call us we’ll call you” lectures of community members who reside outside the old-boys loop through his Ka Leo sessions by telling people what their problems are while restricting the subjects and the questioners to his “leave us alone” agenda.

He even thought he’d bring the concept of dealing with that pesky community back home by taking the nearly impossible task of contacting the right functionary in county government and attempting to resolve a problem by putting another shield layer beyond the current get the run-around or sue treatment.

But despite a full week of constant Council and community derision of Baptiste’s warped vision of “community outreach” where it’s unacceptable if the community actually reaches out in an “unacceptable” manner- such as asking to change the subject away from the discussion entitled “Bryan Baptiste- Great Mayor or the Greatest Mayor?- he and his “red Chrysler” Ka Leo crew apparently remain undaunted because when the grassroots actually put together their own efforts at embracing the Mayor’s stated “community outreach” goals Hizzhonah and his minions were no where to be found.

People actually got together Sunday on their own to meet and discuss what they really need from their County government but no one in county government made the effort to find out what they talked about..

Slim Jim’s CocaColaTermiteTent event was “The Real Thing”- people talking about county issues. But according to the local newspaper not a single member of the administration showed up- including the people who supposedly currently are paid to put a finger on the pulse of a community.

Is there any doubt as to why the council refuses to find the civil service positions for the Mayor’s “sit-down and shut up” style “community input” sessions and the people who run them?

Willie Sutton was smart. He robbed bank because “that’s where the money is”.

But Bryan Baptiste reminds us of the guy who ritualistically puts on a fez, goes out into the middle of the street and jumps up and down on one foot while playing the xylophone and singing in Uzbekistani.

“What the heck are you doing?”

“Keeping the elephants away”.

“But there aren’t any elephants around here”

“See- it’s working.”


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See what happens when you're neutral.
Hizzoner is a gonner!

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what wuz he spozed to do? Side with the hippies? Most of us want the thing.