Saturday, April 19, 2008


IT’S FOR YOU ASTRO: What ever happened to the national “Do Not Call” list?

We thought we were on it but we sure seem to be getting the most annoying of annoyances at an increasing pace in the last six months.

It’s bad enough when a person is actually there when you answer seeking to sell you something you don’t need or want or to steal your identity... although little do they know they wouldn’t really want ours.

But the worst is the slew of actual recordings asking you to “hold on for this important message” from Bamboozle and Sons Essential Snake Oils

Last night finally the ultimate most absurd call of all came in. We’re watching a movie when the phone rings at 9 p.m. and there on the caller ID it actually said “Computer Dialing”.

Perhaps we could find a computer answering device specifically tailored to answer calls where computers are dialing- what a boon for the computer industry- imagine legions of computes dialing and answering each other 24/7... a corporate dream... perhaps we can sell the idea to Microsoft and IBM- maybe Yahoo or Google if they bid enough.

What a business plan- no labor costs, minimal maintenance and no tech support since no one but computers would be asking questions and then they’d only ask them of other computers who wouldn’t really care if anyone answered their questions or for that matter got the answers right anyway.

Well, we’re off to purchase a computer dialer to call all the patent attorneys right now before anyone else gets the idea.

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