Monday, August 4, 2008


CHECK FOR TICKS WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, LYNDON: It could have been a Hamlet ending with bodies strewn over the county building lawn but instead it’s Much Ado About Nothing and All’s Well That Ends Well for mayoral candidate Mel Rapozo who, the Kaua`i Elections office conformed today after our request , did indeed withdraw in writing from the County Council race before filing for mayor.

Rapozo’s withdrawal letter was dated, received and time-stamped on July 7 at 12:29 p.m., the same day he “pulled” his papers to run in this year’s special mayoral election. He filed his papers to run for Mayor at 2:13 p.m. on July 22, the day of the filing deadline.

Rapozo’s filing status was complicated by Hawai`i Chief Election’s Office Kevin Cronin’s recent ruling that all withdrawals must be in writing.

Also. as many predicted, Rapozo has apparently joined all the others in the politician-blogger graveyard by abandoning the blog he started on March 9. His last post was on June 27 (hey who had 3 months 18 days in the pool) after the site became a magnet for crazies on both sides of the “dog path” debate drawing 202 comments, some threatening his personal safety in addition to his electoral status.

But Rapozo does have the edge in the money race as of June 30 , according to the latest numbers released by candidates as posted at the Campaign Spending Commission’s “Standard Reports” web site

As of the last day of June Rapozo had $11,988.96 in his campaign war chest but that amount is just a smidgen more than the $11,578.77 it appears that his opponent Joann Yukimura has.

We say “it appears” because although all the various reports of the particulars of her finances are posted, her main “disclosure report” is missing. We do have a request in to the commission for that paperwork but had to “do the math” adding her “surplus” from Dec. 13, 2007 to her “contributions” and subtracting her “expenditures”.

Bernard Carvalho and Rolf Bieber II, the third and fourth candidates in he mayor’s race, did not file reports because as of June 30-eight days after the death of Mayor Baptiste- neither had become candidates.

But some of the amounts of “surplus” reported by council candidates are in for those who are incumbents or announced earlier than the deadline for filing.

In the Council race most candidates did not have a campaign as of June 30 so did not file. But for many that did there is a hole in their bucket- some quite large for one reason or another.

The champion debtor is incumbent Tim Bynum who reported a deficit of $12,572.47 much of it apparently after buying all his various bumper stickers yard signs and the like.

Next is Jay Furfaro who is indented to the tune of $8,555.86.

We’re not sure what is going on with KipuKai Kualii, who officially reports he is $4,006.07 in the hole but if we read it right he’s actually is in the black by amount. He loaned himself $9493.54 and collected $5,030.00 but spent $9,036.07 according to his report. Another problem is that he doesn’t detail who gave him the money in his report.

Another one complicated, like Yukimura, by his lack of posting of a main disclosure form is Derrick Kawakami who between he and his “Big Save” immediate family members loaned his campaign $11,107. He received $1250 in contributions and spent $7142.94 which should leave him with 3,965.06 and would make his the richest candidate in not only personal; and campaign wealth.

Kaipo Asing is also in the red to the tune of $1,350.00 but that appears to be a long standing debt.

Joining Asing are Ron Agor who has a $55.84 debt and Darryl Kaneshiro at a minus $40.55, both apparently from previous campaigns although neither filed for this year.

Those is in the black include Ron Kouchi who, even though he apparently had over $23,00 at one time, is down to $2,951.89- although his “expenses” report is mysteriously missing.

Then there’s Christobel Kealoha who has $1,351.00 and finally Bruce Pleas whose $84.94 surplus from his last campaign is still there.

The rest as we said did not file except for Nancy McMahon who filed for public financing although she didn’t report any money collected in qualifying contributions.

We’ll be doing a little more digging in the near future and list some of the more eyebrow raising contributions and expenses but it is important to note that some who are in debt already paid for a lot of their campaign materials and even advertising while those that are flush might not have.

Anyone who really wants to shovel out the barn can visit the reports at the Campaign Spending Commission’s “Standard Report” page.

And don’t forget to go to the Eco-Roundtable Candidate Forum’s tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 5:30 at the Convention Hall.

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