Thursday, August 7, 2008


PEDIGREE PERVERSION: We hear the Eco-Roundtable forum was a humdinger.

But buried in the local paper’s coverage was the most “duh” moment of the campaign so far.

“Chang, Hoff and Kawakami by a show of hands were the only candidates who would not support a county ban on plastic shopping bags as is under consideration in Maui and law in San Francisco.”

Would the Big Save Market heir vote for banning plastic bags? Is the bear Catholic?

And that’s apparently just for starters for Mr. Big Save Jr.... the young... the popular... the skein...the heir: Derrick Kawakami.

What happens when recycling involves the places where people got the goods? We have a farm to bet that Derrick isn’t in favor of forcing big grocery stores to take back deposit- bottles and cans.. if not accept other recyclable as they do across the country and world.

Here it’s done the way the Kawakami’s have always done it. If nothing else it’s pretty obvious his parents left him a legacy of serving the public interest by serving themselves first.

And State House Reps Richard and Bertha’s boy seems to be pretty predictable in fighting against things like banning aquatic-animal-death-traps in these islands.

Why it was just a happy coincidence when recently Derrick led the fight- and put some of that Big Save money into ads- to fight against Wal-Mart putting in a grocery store.

His parents’ never met a tourism development they didn’t like. Is Darryl just taking up the family business’?

The Kawakamis have always served the public by taking the biggest serving for themselves and their business associates. They set up and enacted many of the teeth- gnashing legislative “loopholes” that gave us things like ag condos and the vacation rentals next door.

So what does all that have to do with now?

Well for instance if Kawakami is elected does this mean the Lihu`e Town Core plan which “we” paid all that money for is going down in flames?.

As the council has heard, Big Save has not been negotiating very cooperatively regarding changes since their location is right smack dab in the middle of the Town Civic Center and proposed “park”.

No one will be surprised when Derrick wants to “talk about” the other upcoming town development plans too- some of which are already funded. Especially Hanalei,. Kapa`a, Kolo`a, `Ele`ele and Waimea where the other Big Save markets have been the main geographic and economic town hubs for many years?

And guess what. The article says “Derek Kawakami said he would implement amendments to force the county to adhere more to the 2000 General Plan”
What amendments might they be?. We’ve got a pretty good idea.


Anonymous said...

While he looks like a large bundle of yarn, I think you mean scion.

skein (plural skeins)

1. A quantity of yarn, thread, or the like, put up together, after it is taken from the reel. A skein of cotton yarn is formed by eighty turns of the thread round a fifty-four inch reel.
2. (wagon- aking) A metallic strengthening band or thimble on the wooden arm of an axle.
3. (zoology, provincial England) A group of wild fowl, (e.g. geese, goslings) when they are in fligh


scion (plural scions)

1. a descendant, a son or daughter
2. A detached shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant, used in grafting
3. The heir to a throne
4. Also used as a synonym to "guardian"

Andy Parx said...

Thanks Anon- I've been spelling it wrong,assiming both were spelled the same way, for many years.