Sunday, August 3, 2008


PNN REQUEST FOR DOCUMENTS: The following email was sent at 3:10 p.m. Sunday August 2. 2008.

To: Kaua`i County Clerk Peter Nakamura
From: Andy Parx- Editor, Parx News Net
RE: Request for documentation of filing sufficiency for candidate Mel Rapozo in the Special Mayoral Election, 2008.

Dear Mr. Nakamura,

As you probably know, this week the Chief Elections Officer of the State of Hawai`i Kevin Cronin ruled that withdrawals of filings for electoral office are unofficial unless submitted in writing.

That ruling is available at

I am requesting inspection of the documentation of Councilman Mel Rapozo’s time-stamped, written withdrawal from the 2008 county council election Rapozo filed on 2/22/08 and his 7/22/08, time-stamped filing for the office of mayor in the special mayoral election of 2008.

I am requesting your review of records for the sufficiency of Mr. Rapozo’s mayoral petition in light of Mr. Cronin’s .ruling as well as the ruling of Honolulu County Clerk Denise Decosta, available at , in the case of Rep. Kirk Caldwell’s multiple filings for State house and Honolulu county council.

Please email or call me at 332-7878 as soon as your office is able to locate the two documents and/or make a determination on this matter.

If necessary for action, please consider this an official challenge as to validity and/or sufficiency of Mr. Rapozo’s mayoral filing.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,

Andy Parx,
Editor Publisher, Parx News Netcc: Readers of got windmills? at


Anonymous said...

Much as I like busting your balls, this is priceless. Go Andy!!!

Anonymous said...

Andy, you are too much.