Sunday, June 15, 2008


THE EDUCATION OF AUGIE DOGGIE: Doggie Daddy said a lot when we were pups. Some of it still perplexes us but as we remember it here are some of his lessons.

The more advertising there is for it, the worse the product. If it were a good product people would be buying it without ads..

When you buy an advertised product you are paying extra for the advertising.

When people say “it’s ‘only’ a dollar” they mean there’s a dollar of yours they want to be theirs.

When you see a store with a sign saying “Going out of Business” for more than a week, it’s probably just the name of the store.

When it says “prices starting at...” what you want will never be that price.

Things aren’t “free” if they’re “free, with purchase”.

When you see an advertisement over and over and it’s an obvious con or rip-off it’s because people are falling for it. The more times the ad plays the more people there are who fell for it.

If you answer an ad that essentially says “send me a dollar and I’ll tell you the secret of how I make lots of money” you’ll probably get a letter back saying “this is how I make lots of money”.

Walk by the place that says “Best Pizza in the World” and the one that says “Best Pizza in Town” and go to the one that says “Best Pizza on the Block.”

Pay the two dollars. Save the city hall fight for more expensive stuff.

“As is” means as is, it’s broken or doesn’t work..

Do correct your teachers when they are wrong. They didn’t do that and that’s how they wound up being wrong.

When people say “be careful- there’s a lot of dangerous people out there” it’s better to be the one people are afraid of than fearing it’s the other person. That said, when you meet the truly deranged person, run.

No one is any smarter than you are, they just have you conned into thinking they are. That said, there are people smarter than you.

It’s safer to assume someone’s crooked and learn they are honest than to assume they’re honest and then find out they’ve been robbing you for years.

The easiest person to rob is the one robbing you. The next easiest is the one obsessed over not being robbed.

There is no such thing as honest work. The world’s economics system depends on people ripping-off other people. Look around- if you aren’t ripping anyone off, someone’s ripping you off.. Do business with the person who rips you off the least.

Respect is earned. You earn respect with respect for earning respect. Respecting disrespect breeds more disrespect.

People are the same all over in that each one is different.

All generalizations are wrong, including this one..

No one on their death bed ever said “I didn’t spend enough time making money”.

There are no secrets in life, only people who “believe” there are secrets and are too lazy to think beyond what they believe they believe. A thousand secrets you believe you’ve found out is not worth as much as one fact you know.

No matter how much people say life is precious they will act like life is cheap if it isn’t their life.

Happy Fathers’ Day Daddy. We miss you.

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Anonymous said...

"Respect is earned. You earn respect with respect for earning respect. Respecting disrespect breeds more disrespect."

do as I say not as I do?