Sunday, June 29, 2008


NA`ILIOLOLO: We don’t pretend to “get” the municipality of Honolulu. As cites go it’s pretty dismal.

It’s like the anti-Hawai`i- the place where our culture goes to be bastardized as condo-dwelling hordes of migrant western malahini pack in the baggage of their mores and tradition with them to kill it.

It’s sprawled nonsensical traffic is worse to negotiate than Paris and it takes longer to drive across it on its freeway than it does to get from the Bronx to the Battery in NYC.

We’ve always said that if Kaua`i sunk into the ocean and we were court-sentenced to live in a city we’d move, if not to Cleveland, at least to San Francisco before Honolulu.

But living on Kaua`i all the television stations and newspapers apparently think that if it doesn’t bleed it never happened on the neighbor islands so we get an earful of the debates and clashes on O`ahu.

And the most insane has always been their inability to find mass transit solutions, specifically a fixed rail system.

But through all the many gun loadings and failing to pull the trigger over he past 40 years we never saw it get to the point it’s at now where the advisability of inproving the transit system apparently isn’t based on any kind of urban planning or need but rather on who can accuse the other “side” of being a “whatever” in order to make whichever case they’re trying to make.

It’s the right-wing-nuts from the mainland with the slick-talking Miss Texas supporting the oil companies aligned with the lefty ex-governor, using their big-oil dirty-corporate-money to attack the corrupt, opportunist, archetypical, Hawai`i-hack-politician, scamming to shovel boondoggled taxpayer-money to his cronies from construction-companies by using his huge campaign-war-chest that’s stuffed with the developer’s mainland dollars which scared off all the electoral competition, in order to advertise his attacks... all to the point where the pots and the kettles are so sooted as to be unrecognizable as such.

And that’s just the bickering groups listed in today’s paper.

There’s also the taxi guys and the labor guys and the developer guys and the rent-a-car guys and the good-government guys and the anti-tax guys and the noise-pollution guys and the not-in-my-neighborhood guys and the what-about-my-neighborhood guys and the let’s-vote-on-it guys and the let-the-politicians-decide guys and the let-the-planners-decide guys and the they-do-it-this-way-on-the-mainland guys and the we-don’t-do-things-the-mainland-way guys and the blogger guys and the newspaper guys and the it’s-the-state’s-land guys and the it’s-Hawaiian’s-land guys and the that’s-a-sacred-spot guys and the that’s-our-sacred-train guys and even the we-don’t-know-what-the-heck-we-want-but-we-want-to-scream-about-this-too guys....

See that’s the problem with you haoles. Local people would love to give you sovereign independence and control over your subway if you could just form one group to decide what you all want.... maybe we need an Akaka bill for you..

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