Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday’s piece from top Honolulu Advertiser investigative reporter Derrick DePledege's was a definitive wrap on the work of so many brilliant and persistent people in breaking this story of the military boondoggle aspects of the Hawai`i Superferry (HSf).

Those “several activists who oppose the project have been fixated on Superferry's military connections”, as Derrick said, are some of the most brilliant and persistent story-chasers around.

If it weren’t for them he might never have written or even recognized the story of the years of lies from HSf executives, denying any and all connections with the military.

The same people continue as Derrick said, be “fixate on... rais(ing) suspicions about whether it can be commercially profitable” too.

Heroic diggers and documenters like Brad Parsons, Dick Meyer, Larry Geller, Joan Conrow and Doug White have continued to dig out documents and document the digs. And they’ll be there to dig up the next absurdity through their obsessional penchant for uncovering the obvious.

Maybe the Advertiser will cover that financial story after it happens. They’re too busy right now collecting HSf’s ad revenue to point out the obvious... although DePledge’s mentioning Dick Meyer’s “preparing to leave” theory is on the right track. It’s surprising Derrick’s editor let him get that one in.

Yes. As fellow-fiaxators we are fastidiously yet felicitously focused on our fellows’ compulsively-consumed, fanatical infatuation with fact-finding and document digging- sometimes in the face of total lack of recognition of the story by anyone in the Hawaii Corporate press...

Except for poor Derrick.... I’d like to give him credit for a sense of humor on this one.

Oh, and in case you think the cat still isn’t out of the bag, HSf mouthpiece Lori Abe has a press release about her new “sales team” including “Passenger Sales Manager Ward...Yamashiro (who) is responsible for contracting and servicing of all leisure travel and government accounts. This includes overseeing the company’s wholesalers (U.S. inbound, Hawai‘i, and Japanese), travel agencies, corporate, government, and military accounts.”

“Hi this is Admiral Bullschiester. I’ll tell ya how much we’ve got if you tell me how much is mine Yamashiro”

“Well we here at the Superferry Military sales division salute you Admiral- or should I say Mister Bullschiester as of your retirement next Thursday. I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today, Popeye..

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Andy,

Really enjoyed your piece. People like Derrick, Brad, Dick, Larry and Joan deserve alot of credit for the tireless work that htey have continued to due.

I have spoken with Lori Abe and I have to say that she is out of her league when it comes to dealing with our rag tag team of Superferry resistors. The same can be said for the head engineer for Belt Collins.

Mahalo to all that have helped to uncover the sad truths about the Superferry. I can only hope that others are paying attention to your important findings.

Scott M