Thursday, June 5, 2008


THE SLEEPING DOG ALSO LIES: It’s apparently all quiet on the northern front.

And despite the mysterious disappearance of the fence around the Ha`ena graveyard and wished-for luxury house site, the contractor is no longer kow-towing to the evil Walton Hong and trying to do the dirty work of mainland nut case Joe Brescia.

And entertainer Lady Ipo seems to have been properly shamed to tears and out of trying to bless the desecration of her own kanaka maoli culture... without the intervention of her famous daughter UH-Hilo Professor and Hoku Award winning performer Kainani Kahaunaele or son-in-law "Eddie" Ayau of Hui Malama, who infuriated the Bishop Museum and western judges by returning burial artifacts to their rightful place of internment on the Big Island a year or so ago.

But the most impressive thing here may have been the way new chief Darryl Perry and his all new machine-gun-gripping, riot-gear regaled, taser-toting, men-in black seem to have given the aloha-kine KPD we all knew and loved the opportunity to do what we have come to expect from them when dealing with non-violent citizens standing up for their rights- they drove by, made sure no one was threatening anyone or getting crazy gave ‘um all a big shaka and went back to doing their real jobs.

Could it be that the Chief has learned something in the last week or so? Could it be that seeking to de-fuse rather than ramp up the separation between protectors and the protected was, is and will always be the best way for Kauai’s Finest to act?

We sure hope so. Because people haven’t forgotten how Perry came to this job and the utter corruption and dirty deeds that led to his hiring.

We’ll be hearing a lot more about that “old” story that has until now been told in dribs and drabs when a new book by former The Garden Island and Honolulu Star Bulletin reporter Anthony Sommer's hits the shelves later this month telling the tale we’ve all wanted to hear in documented detail.

For today, well let a recent letter from Council watchdog Glenn Mickens to Councilman Ron Kochi tease you a little with some dredging up of some gone-by-but-not-forgotten reminders of the skullduggery and railroading of the last two chiefs, a past Police Commission chair who tried stand up to them and the fight by another commissioner who did fight them off.... all perpetuated by a crop of dirty dealers still in power today who engineered the foul feat.

Look for more on Sommer's new book in this space in the coming weeks and months and- we hope- some enticing excerpts preceding Tony’s return to Kaua`i with tome-in-hand later this summer.

Now, heeeere’s Glenn.

Aloha Ron:

Having heard your story about Joy asking that cop on Oahu for directions to the ball park (I think that is what you said) I had to put in my two cents.

You said that the cop told Joy how much they missed Perry and what a great person and cop he was.

For your informational purposes ( I am not sure how much you followed the Chief Lum story) I have to bring something up. I followed this whole Lum story from the get go as did a lot of other people on Kauai and, Ron, when the whole truth comes out you are going to see one of the biggest conspiracy stories that has even been exposed on Kauai.

Obviously I think the world of KC---he is an honest, dedicated person and was doing his job as our police chief. When the 3 finalist came down to being our Chief (Lum and Perry were the main ones) the police commission, made up of 5 people, voted 4 to 1 to make KC the Chief. I know that Perry wanted that job and certain other "questionable" people wanted him to have it too but keep remembering that the Commission has the sole authority under our Charter to appoint and to fire the Chief. Only Leon voted against Lum but remember that he has some racial problem with KC and his negative vote was understandable.

I won't go into the whole conspiracy theory because you may be familiar with most of it. BUT remember that Carol Furtado, who even grew up with Perry VOTED FOR LUM and she knew more about Perry than anyone else!!!

So , the powers that be went after Lum in the biggest way they could. They got Mike Ching to resign (he was and is a well respected member of the north shore community and was on the commission for 6 years), the Mayor first said that Gonsalves should go after Leon came up with the racial slur and then he flip flopped and said he should stay; they went after Carol and put her through the ringer but she defended herself and proved any charges against her to be false; then they went after Ron Vennaman who, if you ever read his bio sheet knows more about policing than probably anyone on Kauai or, even in Hawaii and he was passed over for acting chief by some weird in house methods.

And, Ron, the BIGGEST allegation that they went after KC about was his "forgery" of a 3 page document. This "forgery" was a fax error and KC's law firm fully took responsibility for the error. But, even worse, to make the case for this conspiracy to get KC fired or to retire Kaipo put on this "dog and pony show" on June 15th, 2006 "showing" over and over by a power point how this 3 page document had been forged. All members of the council except JoAnn who was absent chimed in with the forgery theory.

Now the kicker, Ron. On June 13 KC sent an E Mail to Peter Nakamura showing him how the Fax error was made ( I believe that he CC'd Gary Hue and other relevant parties). Peter sent him back an E Mail confirming that he got the message.

SO, that means that by the 14th of June Kaipo and the entire council KNEW about the fax error and YET he and the members went before the camera and made KC look like a forger!!!! I believe it was about 6 months later that the AG refused to enter any further investigations and regretfully the Garden Island didn't make a big story out of it which it was!!

Then the AG going into KC's house and confiscating all his computer material looking for evidence of the "forgery" which somewhere down the road will put a huge settlement in KC's hands. There was so much hanky panky going on with this conspiracy and it didn't take a genius to connect the dots.

Back to my point, Ron. KC was doing the job the commissioners appointed him to do. Crime was down, drug busts were up and he reorganized some questionable members of the vice squad to other positions and had Vennaman as his top aid. Once money was being drained from the drug dealers pockets something had to give and, for me, KC was the key person that had to go.

I don't know that much about Perry but I do know that he wanted that job but the best, most qualified person got it and now Perry is back so, for me, question marks have to remain.

Tony Sommer has written a book about this conspiracy and I am waiting to get a copy of it.

For what they are worth, these are my opinions, Ron.

Take two and hit to right!!



Anonymous said...

Yeah. Wait til it comes down to the cops shooting the shaka or the hippies stopping a machine. The cops don't get paid for being cool with hippies stopping perfectly legal shit from happening. Sorry, but that's life.

Pete Antonson said...

There are five people that care about this. Four were mentioned and the fifth wrote it.

Anonymous said...

What a laugh.

Mickens writing Kouchi about County corruption. Poor old Glenn. That's about like writing Bush about Cheney's lies and manipulation.

Joan Conrow said...

Glenn is so full of it. Perry scored highest, but KC got the job. So why was that? Perry is hands-down more qualified. Come on. Perry was a major in a big city PD, and Lum was a LT at a rural substation.

And where is the proof that under KC, drug busts were up and he was reducing the flow of money to the dealers' pockets, so something had to give?

I think it's pretty low to try and smear Perry with these innuendoes.

Andy Parx said...

Maybe I should re-read it- I didn't thnk he was smearing him.

After George Frietas got fired for not being the first outsider chief there was immense pressure on the commissions to hire from within the department from the Kusaka administration department and the council. They picked another outsider but from within. They picked him because they thought he’d be best. Then the rest didn’t like who the commission choose so they bullied KC out politically.

I don’t know what “score” you mean- there were a lot of criteria. Are you going to tell me you think KC was given a chance? Are you telling me that witch hunt and abuse of process and power was fine and dandy? Let’s talk about the Ethics board and the Council...

They harassed KC every day he was Chief with racism and phony charges against him Mike and Carol.

And then you expected KC to get rid of all the corruption in vice while he was treated like “hop sing” and under fire from day one by Perry’s people- including three Council members- who felt “cheated” because he had local ties and had “seniority”?

Everyone’s heard that drug “big” busts were up under KC- but it was because vice was planting on users to get dealing charges.

The whole drug stuff aside KC got screwed- and I never heard Darryl- or Leon of course- object to the process... only use it.

Joan Conrow said...

I'm not saying that what happened to KC was in any fine and dandy, or that he got a fair chance to prove himself as chief. The county behaved badly and will likely end up paying for it.

I'm merely disagreeing with Glenn's contention that KC was more qualified than Perry, and that Lum was cracking down on the dealers so that's why he got ousted.

Anonymous said...

KC couldn't manage the budget and let certain police violate peoples rights in his zeal to get the bust. Oh wrong house, sorry. Probable cause, whats that? We are still paying off the lawsuits and attorney bills including his lawsuit against the county.

Andy Parx said...

Well I’m not sure Glenn is saying either, but certainly there were and are shall we say “less than honest and diligent” officers- especially on vice- who were more than happy to see what was happening to KC to distract him from cleaning up anything so to blame him for that is unfair. I’m happy that the reports of these incidents are not as frequent if still as bad under Perry.

Whether the drug stuff was an actual factor in his removal is a stretch at best and, my opinion is no. But there are were a lot of factors that went into the “qualified” equation and that was the excuse used to remove KC so it is a bit more than just a superfluous factor since mike and Carol were accused of ignoring qualifications for personal relationships.

Andy Parx said...

And by the way, the budget thing was a fully contrived and totally political farce