Sunday, June 22, 2008


HYENA HYSTERIA: Well we’re working on a piece (of something) for tomorrow and just have time for a homework assignment.

Watch the Council Committee meeting regarding the “dog path”. tonight (at 7) and this week on Ho`ike ch 53.

You gotta see this. Watch the total humiliation of Thomas Noyes’ over his, Bryan Baptiste’s, Bernard Carvalho’s and Tim Bynum’s “multi-use-path” lie and the rest of the delusion under which they and Thomas live .

Watch Noyes melt down, becoming a babbling blithering idiot right before you eyes when he has no information to support his contentions while Mel Rapozo-who is chocked full of the documents and facts- picks to sheds his unsubstantiated contentions over what the path was, is, isn’t and wasn’t.

And you may also be amused by Mel’s excoriation of Dr. Rhodes over her persistent mis-informative screeds regarding liability and her admission that she was wrong, which for some reason no one is reporting.

Don’t miss it- Mel’s part is about an hour and a half in but the rest is priceless too.

There may be a pop quiz. Dismissed.


Anonymous said...

The path is and always was built as a shared use path. Your assertions are totally wrong! You and the people you tout are just talkers ripping at people who are doers and take risk to realize a vision. A quite nice one at that! So sad!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone watch these things?

I'm always struck how much time they waste trying to pour info into Micken's ear only to have it run out the other side. Give him his 3 min and tell him to FO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for motivating me to watch.

Your characterization is miles off from the truth. As always you see what you wish to see.

Mel did his best to try to get Tom tosay dogs were never part of the discussion. He had no documents or facts. Only his impression that dogs were never brought to his attention. That he had no idea of what the AASHTO guidelines included, shame on him for being incompetent.

On your other points even Mel admits this was always (in his knowledge) a combo bike/pedestrian path. Tim makes it clear that for 15 years it was combo. That fact makes Mr. Micken's bullshit that the path must be for transportation not recreation false.

Why do you guys have to lie rather than just debate the issue fairly?

Anonymous said...

If you don't have the law on the side, argue the facts.

If you don't have the facts on your side, argue the law.

If you don't have either the law or the facts on your side, bang on the table and yell.